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Halloween Party Recommendations

That SMarts Halloween Party Picks

Folks with a kinky bent are looking for what to do this weekend – and if you don’t already have your Sin City tickets that just got a little harder, because Sin City Halloween is now sold out. You can join those perusing Craigs List for tickets, you can show up and hope for the best, or you can check out one of the parties listed below.

Halloween Fri. Oct 31 That SMarts recommends:

Ghost Ship III
Aboard the MV Brittania
Friday, October 31, 2008
Boarding:   7:00pm
Departure:  8:00pm
Returns:     Midnight
Departing from Harbour Cruises, located at the North End of Denman Street, just west of The Westin Bayshore Hotel.

Of course That SMarts is going to recommend this party - we’re helping organize this.

It’s also the event this weekend with the most in common with Sin City, featuring two of that night’s spinsters, DJs Pandemonium and R-Lex, in addition to  Phaedra Phunk and DJ Dean. There’s a dungeon play space on the bottom deck, and of course for those seeking more intimate play, the night’s motto is “What happens on C Deck stays on C Deck.”

3 dance floors, a dungeon play area and cash bar.

Tickets are $40 before Oct. 31st, and $45 if bought dockside.

Tickets available at Little Sisters (1138 Davie Street), Priape (1148 Davie Street) and Deadly Couture (317 Cambie Street, downstairs) and online at

On Facebook you’ll find Ghost Ship III at:

The Fall Halloween Party
644 Seymour Street
Friday, October 31
8pm – 6am
Cost: $15 at the door only Costume Mandatory

An other party for the truly alternative set. Music with  loads of DJs, including Michael Red, Glitchy and Scratchy, Nog and Chilly, DJ Truth, DJ Kaine, DJ Europa, and DJ Killswitch.

Featuring a fashion show by Flaming Angels and a dark body suspension by the indestructible tortured soul Russ Foxx.

And remember – the night doesn’t have to end early if you’re on Ghost Ship. Check out The Fall afterwards.

On Facebook you’ll find The Fall Halloween Party at:

Sat. Nov. 1 That SMarts recommends:

If you don’t have your Sin City tickets already you find a good house party. People are currently begging for tickets on Craigslist, offering double their face value, and nobody is getting any bites. Remember this for next year…

Really, there’s no other club party in the city that is going to compare Saturday, so I’m not making any recommendation.

Sun. Nov. 2 That SMarts recommends:

Something Wicked This Way Comes 9
Sanctuary Halloween
Sun Nov. 2
Celebrities Nightclub
1022 Davie Street
9pm – 3am
Cost: $10

The minds behind Sin City bring you another party this Halloween weekend, one with the best Halloween décor this city has to offer.

Vancouvers mightiest and longest-running alternative night stages its annual Halloween massive party this year once again at Celebrities, once of the most well-loved venues in the city! Nobody, but NOBODY, delivers a Halloween party like Sanctuary - come get your freak on!


Part medical fetish, part mad scientist lab, part classic horror / zombie, and one hundred percent evil, Mr. Dark is responsible year after year for the best decorations in the city! Extra bonus points for matching your Halloween costume to the medical / mad scientist / mutant theme, but not required!


Serving up only the best industrial / alternative / electro / 80's / synth / punk all night!

On Facebook you’ll find Something Wicked at:

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Happy Halloween,
Reive Doig
That SMarts

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