Reive Doig (reive_d) wrote,
Reive Doig

Where to go for a special birthday dinner...

Ok folks, now you need to keep this a secret from someone. I'm trying to think of the perfect place to take A. for her birthday. Now here's the catch - I'm not looking for a fancy high end restaurant. I'm looking for something that would appeal to a kid or teenager.

Chuck E. Cheese's would be perfect, but the nearest one is Langley, and I'm carless, work until 7pm and have another party we have to make it to by about 10pm latest.. But that's the sort of thing I'm hoping for. Something with games or something like that.

Now, we won't be advertising our kink, we'll just be having dinner - the two of us, or perhaps the two of us plus a couple of her friends aware of our kinky side. I'm not sure yet. But I'm looking for suggestions of good places either in Vancouver or along the Sky Train route. So far my best bet seems like Metropolis at Metrotown, but I'm wondering if there's anything better.

I remember when I was a kid and teenager there were lots of great places - The Organ Grinder, restaurant with all the train cars in Surrey (now an Indian restuarant) and Chuck E. Cheese's, all aimed at kids.

Anyway, any and all suggestions appreciated.

I'll be cross posting this a few places, including to a "Vanilla" board where any mention of the kink stuff will be left out, so if you respond there please let's keep that aspect of this post in the closet. No sense scaring the villagers...
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