Reive Doig (reive_d) wrote,
Reive Doig

Looking for your 15 minutes...

I'm looking for talent for some future events. Anything of a fetish or cirque/carnival nature would be great.

The first of these events, is in fact, a little more than two weeks away. It's the return of Vancouver's newest fetish night, Cirque de Sade.

They pay isn't great, more of an honorarium in fact, although for something truly amazing we might pool what we've got for multiple performers to get just one.

Some specifics I'd love to see: contortionists, a fire breather, acrobats able to work with very limited space.

And if you've got some other silly skill, say the ability and willingness to twirl a hula hoop while scantily clad, we'd love to hear from you to - that's good for free admission, I don't know about getting paid.

Anyway, if you've got a good idea let me know. And if you're wondering about the event check out the website for Cirque de Sade.

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